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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024
  • Layanan Publik MAN 2 Pesisir Selatan Dengan MOTTO Pelayanan T E G A S (Transparan, Equality, Gratis, Akuntable, dan ServiceExxelent)BIAYA PELAYANAN PUBLIK MAN 2 Pesisir Selatan 100% GRATIS

Video Tutorial

With this video series, even simple layman without any coding knowledge can setup the site as shown in our demo in no time. We have tried our best to make the video simple and clear. If you have any issues feel free to put your queries in our support forum

One Click Demo Content Import

Business Page Setup Series

1. Services Setup

2. Call To Action Setup

3. Featured Page Setup

4. Testimonial Setup

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PPID MAN 2 Pesisir Selatan
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Siap Melayani dengan T E G A S (Transparan, Equality, Gratis, Akuntabel, dan Serviceexellent)

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